Soldano-style fencing blade

weapon (melee)

Esmeraldas is indestructible and any attack against or from Dracheneisen is treated as normal.

When used in combat, Esmeraldas grants the following bonus:


Forged in 1452 by master weaponsmith Antonio Ramirez, Esmeraldas is a steel blade riddled with strands of powdered emerald, which gives the aether suffusing the blade an eerie greenish sheen. This strange alloy is made possible by the Syrneth artefact that was incorporated in the sword’s crossguard.

Now long after its creation, the sword was stolen, only to resurface two centuries later in a Montaginois collector’s collection. It was then gifted to bladesmaster Guillaume de Tournenvret, to then be won by Ferdinand Ramuz, who then passed it on to his grandson, Gustave Ramuz.

In 1674, in La Paseiga, in Castille, Ramuz gave the sword to the players for the deed of saving his life as well as that of his daughter, the beautiful Juana Eleonore.

The current owner of the veridian blade is Sir Terrance Cavendish the Fourth.


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