Symon von Nebelstreif

Baron of Nebelstreif


Born in 1651 to a minor Castillan Lady in San Cristobal, Semoen (his birth name) left home when he was barely a teen. His mother having died in childbirth, he never knew who his real father was. After a few years of research and travels, he finally discovered that he was the son of Freidrich von Nebelstreif, an Eisen nobleman whose lands had been usurped after his death.

With two friends and allies, Vendel captain Sigrid XXXXX and Eisen knight Adrian Peshtein, Semoen reclaimed his birthright and assumed the mantle of Baron. He also changed his name to Symon, to fit his newly-discovered Eisen heritage. This was in 1672. Following that, he married Frida Mandelfrugen, the 17-year-old daughter of a successful Vendel merchant, with whom he had fallen in love when she had been barely 14 and he 17, at the festival of Buche. Over the three years that followed, their paths had crossed several times and their romance burgeoned.


Symon von Nebelstreif

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