Frida von Nebestreif

Baroness of Nebelstreif


The daughter of a rich Vendel merchant, Frida’s Vesten side is displayed unmistakingly on her face. Indeed, tribal tattoos start above her eye and go down her cheek, neck and… well… only she and Symon know how much of her body is covered with them. She was born in 1655.

Frida met Symon at the festival of Buche, in 1669, when she was 14. She fell in love with him as soon as she saw him. He wasn’t rich or big or strong, but he was handsome and confident and funny.

Her path crossed Symon’s several times over the three following years, and every time, she fell more deeply in love with him. When she turned 17, he came to ask her hand in marriage. Seeing how his daughter loved the lad, her father didn’t have the heart to refuse.

Now aged 19, Frida is a prematurely wise Baroness, and all the citizens of Nebelstreif adore her.

Fria is currently pregnant with Symon’s child.


Frida von Nebestreif

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