Bianca Villanova

Resident ghost on the Sparrow and Sir Terrance's love interest


Bianca was 22 years old when she died, over one hundred years ago. After being kidnapped by Bertrand Bretteur, a pirate from Montaigne, Bianca used her Strega magic to curse the ship and the crew to an eternal life of piracy, sacrificing her own life to fuel her powerful hex.

Ever since the ship was freed from the curse, Bianca has grown increasingly close to Sir Terrance, and her growing affections for him are allowing her to assume physicality for short periods of time. As time passes, these bouts of physicality grow longer and longer and seem to be influenced by her emotional state.

Her emotional state also influences the ship’s performance. If she is feeling sad or rejected, the ship stalls at sea even when the wind is up, while happiness allows the ship to achieve great speeds even when there is no Wind to speak of.

Bianca is unable to leave the ship, as she is bound to it. Her Strega magic can only be cast upon people who are on board the Sparrow, but once affected, the influence carries on even if they leave the ship.


Bianca Villanova

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